Wanangwa Sanga, Sarah Adams and Lusayo Mhango
Wanangwa Sanga, Sarah Adams and Lusayo Mhango

The Sarah Adams Foundation was established to continue the work started by Sarah in Malawi.

Sarah was passionate about the youth of Malawi, and worked as a Young Life missionary and also as a volunteer at Samaritan Trust Shelter for Street Children.

As a volunteer, Sarah worked with kids of all ages, giving counseling, sound advice, mentorship, and organizing weekly activities where kids could forget the stresses of their everyday lives and just have fun being kids.

Sarah’s mission was that these kids would feel unconditionally loved, and Sarah’s close relationships with the kids were a testament to the true, deep friendships she formed.

Sarah also worked to develop future leaders in Malawi. Many of those she mentored are now leading themselves, and are motivated by Sarah’s legacy of unconditional love & acceptance.

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  1. I was privileged to meet Sarah just a day before she left us to be with the Lord. She struck me as such a warm, compassionate, Godly young woman. All I have met subsequently who know who speak of her great love for Africans and the amazing work she did for the Gospel. I am so pleased this Foundation has been set up and would be happy to do whatever I can to support it. Senator David Coltart – Former Minister of Education, Zimbabwe

  2. Sarah and the duck face photo.

    I first met Sarah at a Young Life meeting, my first impression of her: Really Loud. Hands down the most active person at the meeting, which is quite something if you’d ever met Wanangwa. Honestly, I dreaded the camp experience cause I was in the work crew but a lot of what she said and did made it all better. Sarah had her own way of putting life into perspective, and truly making you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. But that was her just shining God’s love onto you. I miss Sarah. I mean, she taught me how to do the hustle and was the reason for one of my less dignified moments, she made me take a picture with her, doing the “duck face”.. Sarah, was a friend. Introduced me to one of the most important people I know, my investor. With one email, she changed my life, and with one smile, she had a way of making you feel that everything will be okay. I love you Sarah. 🙂

  3. I knew of Sarah when she came to Samaritan Trust to volunteer her time with the kids. With Lusayo and Wanagwa, they were like the three inseperables! Typical of her, she ended up creating relationships not just with the kids but with Young Life, Samaritan Trust staff, other volunteers and numerours other supporters.

    She truly embodied what it means to be a young woman of christ, so full of love and understanding and yet so much fun to be around. She lived a full life, and gave and gave and gave, yet still had more to give to the world.

    I truly miss her, and the laughs she shared with the kids of Samaritan Trust. Gone to soon, but what can we do, ‘Blessed be the Lord, You give and away, But my heart choose to say, Blessed be your Name!’

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